Our college is truly unique due to the fact that we are the only accreditted Cambridge International School in Scandinavia. As our student you will have the chance to be a member of the Cambridgecommunity. Cambridge AS and A-levels (British equivalents of gymnasium qualifications) are recognised by leading universities and employers around the world (including Sweden) as evidence of high academic ability. The general admission requirement for most universities around the globe (including universities in Sweden) is to have gained A- and AS-levels in three different subjects. Read more here:

Becoming a Cambridge school is a way of showing our commitment to excellence in education. We are part of the University of Cambridge A-Level programme and share in their educational values. As our student you will study primarily towards the Swedish gymnasium diploma (svensk gymnasieexamen). On top of that you have a choice to take Advamced Level qualifications in your final year as we have incorporated the Cambridge syllabi into the existing Swedish national gymnasium curriculum. Amongst these subjects are Mathematics, English, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry etc. The fact that all Swedish universities and high schools accept A-levels enables us to offer you an individual plan of studies that focuses primarily on the courses leading towards Advanced Level examinations.

In countries such as the United States and Canada, good grades in carefully chosen Cambridge International A Level subjects can result in up to one year of university course credit , thus saving you valuable time and enregy in your future studies These demanding examinations are not for everyone but they may just be the right thing for you and your future.

How to apply for A-levels?

Our students currently enjoy A-levels’ syllabi being incorporated into their Swedish curriculum.
As a private candidate you can apply for any Cambridge International qualification (including IGCSE, O-levels; AS & AL, Pre-U) you wish to acquire. Please contact our Cambridge International Examinations Coordinator Ms. Inga E. Hagström for more detail regarding your application. We are Test Centre SE085.

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Our students took practical examinations in AL in Biology and Physics this spring for the 2016 examinations session. Our college’s laboratories are equipped up to Cambridge academic standard.

What our students say:

Miguel Muller:
Studying Cambridge International A level in Mathematics at INIT college has had an immense impact on my studies at KTH. The course incorporates more in-depth mathematics as well as mechanics, both of which are taught in English. I have to say I felt more confident (than most of my friends at the university) when I started my maths studies at KTH as I had already worked with a lot of stuff back in INIT college. It just felt like a natural transition.

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